Chalivah Nubian Dairy Goats

Quality dairy goats that stand the test of time.

Thank you for your interest in  Chalivah Nubians.  My daughter and I began Chalivah Nubians as a partnership.  We spent several years showing in 4H, then on to open shows and helping other youngsters get started with dairy goats.  She still checks in once in awhile, but my new partner is my husband, Joe, who is a great facility builder and an enthusiastic supporter of our Nubians.  We don't do a lot of showing, but we enjoy the experience when we do.  Chalivah, (pronounced ka leev' a) means "milking" in Hebrew.  That is what we breed for, first and foremost, milk.  We want does who not only look good but stand up to the test of time, many lactations and many kiddings.  We like the large, proud and graceful Nubians.  We have been breeding Nubians for many years and the herd we have now is the result of  numerous generations of sound, proven animals.  We carefully breed for consistency and quality.  Herd health is very important to us.  We test annually for CAE and have remained CAE negative for over 10 years.  Our bucks are all G6S normal either by test or parentage.  We are in the process of testing our does.  We vaccinate for CDT, worm as needed and keep mineral, kelp and soda available free choice.  We also use a lot of herbs to maintain overall health.

For those of you who already raise dairy goats, I don't need to explain why we do it.  For those of you who are thinking about it or just getting started,  let me say that you are in for a rewarding experience, providing you do your homework, know what you want, how to feed and house them and know what your goals are.  I have been raising dairy goats for over 35 years.  They are a lot of work, but they are also the most fun and rewarding animals I have ever raised.  When time allows, we also make cheese, butter, and goat milk soap.

When breeding for quality animals, it is important to begin with a solid foundation.  Years ago I contacted Barbara Rissler and bought our first Price O The Field buck, Price O The Field Royal King.  Royal King did a phenomenal job of proving himself as a herdsire.  His daughters were consistently level, very dairy, and had well attached udders that produced significantly more than their dams.  We raised GCH Chalivah Royal Mischief, crossing a Royal King daughter on GCH POTF Royal Marcus.  Mischief finished his championship in one day, also earning a Best Buck in Show award.  Pruittville's Music Man came to us from the phenomenal Pruittville herd in LA.  With very limited showing he had two legs toward his championship.  His daughters exhibit a lot of dairiness, excellent feet and legs and excellent fore and rear udder attachment.  We next added Pruittville's Picasso, a classy blue roan buck with wonderful breed character, out of GCH Pruittvilles Sugar Baby, who won BDIS twice.  Picasso's daughters have come in with increased stature, well attached udders and excellent milk production.  We are excited to introduce our newest addition, a very sharp, classy young buck named Tamris Farms CK Knight Solo.  Solo came to us from Tamris Farm, he is sired by CH Sweet Springs Calvin Klein, a son of GCH Kastdumer's Time In A Bottle.  His dam is GCH Tamris Farm Queen Mara Jade, who was sired by SGCH Wingwood Farm TS Timothy.  

This spring we were very happy to have the opportunity to purchase a son of SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Isabelle, first place aged doe at the 2018 Nationals.  He is J&M Hideaway CA Doc Holliday, sired by J&M Hideaway Captain America, son of J&M Hideaway Farm Patriot, 2017 National Reserve Champion.  Thank you to Glenda and Madison Noble for working with us on our selection and helping to make the acquisition of this beautiful boy possible

Our success over the years has been measured by the many satisfied and repeat customers who enjoy their Chalivah animals, go on to show and win with them, enjoy milk from healthy does and raise beautiful, strong, next generation kids.    We owe a lot to our many fellow goat breeders, who are friends, even family.  Barbara Rissler of Price O The Field and Tim Pruitt of Pruittville Nubians have had a big impact on our breeding program.  They and many other breeders have always shared generously of their time and expertise.  We in turn are always ready to help someone else get started, or just share information with the newcomer.  We also offer the the generations of careful linebreeding on POTF and Pruittville to those looking to add some wonderful individuals to their breeding programs.  Enjoy!